Yamax Powerwalker Pedometer (EX-510)


The Power-Walker EX510 is the top of the line Yamax, with state-of-the-art features. The 3D accelerometer sensor accurately counts steps while in your pocket or handbag; or worn around your neck. 30 day memory and stores weekly totals for up to thirty weeks. See specifications below.

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• 3D axis sensor (accelerometer) can be worn almost anywhere

• Counts steps up to 99,999

• Measures distance

• Calculates calories burned

• Measures activity time (all day monitoring)

• Measures fat burned in grams or ounces

• 11 step false movement filter

• 30 days memory: steps, distance in miles, calories, fat burn and activity time

• 30 weeks of accumulated weekly memory

• Dual LCD display

• 24hr clock

• Highly accurate 98.5% (Yamax standard +/-3% difference)

• Includes safety strap

• Includes extended life CR2032 battery

• With instructions in a plain white box

Accurately measure steps, calories, fat burned during activity, distance walked up to 999 Km or miles and activity time are stored in its memory each night at 2:00 am. This accumulated weekly data is stored from Monday to Sunday for up to 30 weeks and is easily accessible. Reliable top of the line Japanese engineering.