SmartTek Sport 3D Multifunction Fitness Tracker (SS-3D)


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Water resistant 3D fitness tracker for Android.

• 3D accelerometer sensor

• False movement sensor

• Counts steps, distance, calories

• Digital clock

• Customizable settings using Android app

• Adustable silicone wrist strap with water resistant cover

• USB rechargeable polymer battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

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The SmartTek Sport 3D has a unique black silicone wrist band with a pocket for inserting the tracker. The clever design covers the digital display, making it highly water resistant when worn (but not meant to be immersed in water). Press the button to check steps, distance, calories or the time, and the display shows clearly and vividly through the band. Very clear and easy to read. Adjustable black silicone band with a non-obtrusive low profile.

The SmarTek Sport 3D has a 24 hour clock (ie: 1:00pm = 13:00) in default mode, and is also pre-set to metric. However, with Android and software app, the clock can be changed to AM/PM, miles instead of kilometers, and height/weight can be programmed into the Tracker for more accurate measurements. The software also keeps a log of each day’s totals so you can check progress over time. Built-in USB port recharges in about 30 minutes.