GoTek 2D Wrist Pedometer GET FIT KIT for 6


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• 6 GoTek 2D wrist pedometers
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• 12 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

BONUS: Each GoTek 2D comes in a reuseable plastic storage container with hinged lid.

After choosing a color, choose the number of kits you need. 1 kit = 6 pc. 2 kits = 12 pc. etc.

Our Advanced FIT KIT features our lowest price wrist pedometer, the GoTek 2D Multi. The GoTek utilizes a pendulum spring design, and worn on the wrist to count accurately. It has a digital clock display. It counts steps, distance and calories. Adjustable silicone wrist band with retro buckle style clasp. Available in black, red or blue band.