GoTek 2D Multifunction Wrist Pedometer (GT-2D)


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A pedometer on the wrist is less likely to be misplaced.

The GoTek 2D Multifunction wrist pedometer is worn on the wrist instead of the hip like traditional pedometers, which are more likely to accidentally fall off and break. Adjustable silicone band is available in several colors.

BONUS: Each GoTek 2D comes in a reuseable plastic storage container with hinged lid.

• Counts steps, distance, calories

• Customizable weight and stride input

• Digital clock

• Adjustable silicone wrist strap with retro buckle style clasp

• Includes 1 AG12 button battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

Most 2D pedometers are designed to clip to the hip. The GoTek 2D Multifunction pedometer is worn like a wristwatch, measuring arm swings to determine steps taken. The GoTek 2D counts steps, distance and calories and has a built-in clock. Personal stride and weight are programmable for more precise measurements. Adjustable silicone wrist band with retro buckle style clasp. Pedometer can be removed from the band.