ErgoTek Multifunction Pedometer (ET-2D)


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Stylish art-tech design for a unique look.

The ErgoTek 2D Multifunction pedometer is designed to look stylish, but it’s much more. It’s an accurate multifunction data keeper which includes a 1/100 second stopwatch.

• Counts steps walked, distance travelled, calories burned

• 3 second reset delay

• Oversized digital display

• Customizable stride and weight settings

• Spring-style waist clip

• Includes AG-13 1.5v battery

• Individually boxed with instructions


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The ErgoTek 2D has a unique design- the digital display wafer is “encased” in plastic, making it look like it’s suspended in clear amber. White case with chrome buttons makes it look retro-futuristic! But the ErgoTek is about more than just good looks- it’s an accurate multifunction data keeper.

Press the large button to scroll through accumulated steps, distance you’ve walked, and the calories burned in the process. Press again and it displays the time. One more press and it’s a 1/100 second stopwatch for precision timing. Enter your stride length and weight for more personalized results. Built-in 3 second reset delay prevents accidentally erasing collected data. Designed to be worn on the hip.