In a time of unparalleled challenges for educators, switching from classroom to distance learning (and back) has been easier for some curriculums but more difficult for others. One area which did not translate well with distance learning is physical education (PE class).

Studies show a direct correlation between regular physical activity and improved learning, memory retention, reducing stress, anxiety and improving mood. Simply put, If children aren’t active on a regular daily schedule, they’re not going to be learning as well as they could be, whether in class or from a remote location. Lack of physical exercise is one of numerous factors contributing to lower overall test scores in the past school year. It’s time to re-think PE for kids.

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A cost effective way is through the use of pedometers, a tool proven to encourage physical activity in all age groups and all ability levels. Kids walk more and walk farther when challenged with a pedometer. Unlike most physical activity equipment, pedometers go from in-person to distance learning and back without disruption. Pedometers require minimal instruction to implement. Data can be gathered daily, weekly or over an entire school year. Results are useful beyond PE class too! Data can be analyzed in math, science and health classes, showing correlations in exercise, diet and healthy lifestyles.

Even in person, close contact may not always be an option. When each student has their own pedometer, there’s no equipment to share and nothing to sanitize, saving time and effort. Pedometers can be used in groups while walking at a safe distance in school or individually at home. Results can be shared in class or remotely.

New pedometer models offer options not available until recently. Motion sensor technology is more durable and more kid-proof compared to older pendulum-based pedometers. With no moving parts, new pedometers can last much longer. Several new models are rechargeable, so they never need a replacement battery. This means a pedometer can be used for years. A new generation of wi-fi enabled activity trackers are also available. Students can safely and easily provide daily step counts for sharing and comparing, or choose to keep data private.

Traditional PE equipment is typically designed for supervised group use and only during a specified class period. This means expensive equipment often ends up sitting unused for a majority of the day. In contrast, a pedometer is not tied to a location. A pedometer works anywhere, any time- at school or at home, outside or indoors. For less than the cost of a water bottle, yoga mat or exercise ball, pedometers are a cost effective way to encourage activity while providing ongoing measurable results. A walking program can be scheduled daily, weekly or over an entire school year with a single fixed cost per student.

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