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EZ Tracker Intelligence Health Bracelet (EZT-100 Blue)

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The EZTracker has an understated display with monochromatic blue digits on a black backround. Perfect for those who don’t want a flashy colorful display. Keeps track of steps, distance in miles, estimated calories burned, plus a clock display.

The EZ Tracker is lightweight, and the comfortable silicone band is hypoallergenic and metal free, perfect for sensitive skin. Charges in 2 hours and lasts 4-5 days between charges with the included USB charger cradle. USB A/C wall adapter available. See adapter here. Band color: Blue. The free app is easy to use. No subscriptions or monthly fees required. Pre-charged for immediate use.

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– Easy setup and pairing with any phone using OS 9.0, Android 5.0 or above
– Uses free Fit Pro APP available at the App store, no subscriptions or monthly fees required
– Tracker data resets daily at midnight with continuous data collection on the APP
– Measures steps walked, distance in miles, calories burned
– Heart rate and blood pressure monitor
– Message notifications including incoming calls, SMS messages, WeChat, Facebook etc.
– Sedentary reminder
– Clock and alarm
– USB 2 hour quick recharge
– Waterproof when immersed (up to 1 meter deep)
• Adjustable wrist band – one size fits all
– Individually boxed with instructions

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"I want a wrist tracker that works on my phone, but I don't need to connect to Facebook or read messages. Just want to count steps, how far I've walked, how long, things like that. What do you recommend?"
A: The EZ Tracker is a good choice. It counts those measurements plus calories, and lets you keep track of your daily goal progress.