Here are answers to some of the common questions about our “NO PHONE NEEDED” wrist pedometer models.

No. None of these models use a phone or need software, or require a subscription. Steps and other information appears right on the display. Look for the “NO PHONE NEEDED” banner on all similar wrist models.

All the models count steps, distance walked and estimate how many calories you’re burning while walking. All the models have a clock. In addition, some models may have features such as the day / date, an alarm clock, or stopwatch. These functions are optional and can be ignored if you do not use them. Otherwise the models are similar. See the descriptions and photos showing the functions for each model.

Some displays have one line of numbers, others have two lines. Some models change the display by pressing a button, while others have a “tap screen” for scrolling through the various screen displays. See the photos to find which type of screen a specific model has.

Some models have a classic buckle clasp like a standard watch. Other models have a pin and post style clasp. The buckle style may be easier to use for those with arthritis or strength limitations. See the photos to find what type of clasp a particular model has.

Some models offer more than one band color. All currently available colors are shown.

A majority of the “no phone needed” models are rechargeable using any standard USB port, the same kind used to recharge your phone. You can also choose to recharge these models on your computer’s USB port. A few of the models use disposable button batteries. See the descriptions and photos to see which models are rechargeable and which ones have button batteries.

Rechargeable models can be recharged over and over, and never need a battery replacement. How long a charge lasts depends on the model and how often you wear the pedometer. Most will go for 7-15 days or longer before needing a recharge. Many models have an indicator on screen to let you know it’s time to replace or recharge the battery. Most button battery models will last for 1-2 years before batteries need replacing.

If you have a rechargeable model, we recommend “topping off” your pedometer by plugging it in to recharge it occasionally so the battery is never completely depleted. Button battery powered models will need to have the time and date set up if batteries are replaced.

Yes, we’ll set up your order free of charge. We’ll set the clock, date, as well as enter your weight and stride if your model needs it. We’ll pre-charge the batteries so your purchase is ready to go when you receive it.

We’ll be happy to help you over the phone or by email. We want to help get you walking!

We have many other models not requiring a phone. Some models can be clipped to the hip, or worn in a pocket or purse. You can see more models under SENIOR PEDOMETERS.