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Yamasa Tokei Keiki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1942 and produced the first commercial pedometer in 1965 in Japan. The well-known among world by word for pedometer “Manpo-kei” (Manpo means 10,000 steps in Japanese) is our trademark.

Walking is recommended to keep good health such as preventing or improving lifestyle diseases and controlling body fat by used calories or improving exercise capacity. Walking takes root in the world as the exercise that everybody can do anytime, anywhere, any place easily.

For the market outside Japan, our products centering on Made-in-Japan pedometers are sold to local government organizations, schools and corporations for their healthcare programs as well as consumer electronics retailers and sports stores. Also our products are widely used in the area of medical research due to their accuracy and durability.

We keep providing high-quality products and service to the world improving and innovating our technology in order to enjoy healthy and comfortable life under the theme of “Enjoy walking”.

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When research demands accuracy, YAMAX is widely recognized as the gold standard in precision motion measurement. Numerous published studies, including brand comparisons by ACSM (American College of Sports and Medicine) and the peer-reviewed journal MSSE (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise) have shown the Digi-Walker and Power Walker Series are proven superior for research, motion study, and data compilation.

YAMAX DIGI-WALKER SW-200 used in clinical research study in American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Journal

The Use of YAMAX PEDOMETERS in Medical and Alternative Care Treatment Plans from the Original Internist Magazine

Medicine & Science in Sports & Medicine study comparing YAMAX PEDOMETERS with other models.

Study comparing YAMAX PEDOMETERS and other models in Free-Living Conditions, from Medicine & Science in Sports & Medicine

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