PEDOMETER EXPRESS is a family operated company and a business partner in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota area since 1983, owned by Reps Design Studios. Reps Design became a Partnership in 1997. We've sold hundreds of thousands of pedometers to programs and events for local, state and federal walking programs, schools, non-profit organizations, government programs, health organizations, fitness clubs, state health departments, insurance companies, and senior fitness programs. Repeat customers tell us they have confidence in our products and appreciate our friendly customer service and instant replacement policy.

Our Priority: Customer Service
PEDOMETER EXPRESS and it's parent company Reps Design strive to provide quality products and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. We want you to be happy with your purchase at PEDOMETER EXPRESS. Check our listing on the Better Business Bureau web site by clicking here. You can also learn more about PEDOMETER EXPRESS parent company, Reps Design by clicking here.

Our Goal: Taking Steps for Better Health
At PEDOMETER EXPRESS, we want to get people walking. It's as simple as that. With obesity rates and health costs skyrocketing, people need to become more responsible for their own health. Walking is the simplest, most natural way to maintain weight improve cardiovascular health. Businesses, schools, and whole communities across the country are implementing pedometer-based walking programs to get more people active. Numerous studies show pedometer-based walking programs substantially increase the total amount of time people spend walking.

Our Product: Newly Made, Factory Direct Pedometers
PEDOMETER EXPRESS sells newly made, factory fresh pedometers. We evaluate many manufacturers for pedometers at our online store, before choosing those who make a quality product with the best discount available. Larger orders are manufactured AFTER you place an order, not taken from warehoused stock which could be many years old. It takes a little more time than 'off the shelf' pedometers, but it guarantees lower factory-direct prices, with the best discount possible. And it's the best way to assure you get brand new pedometers and fresh batteries.

Privacy Policy
PEDOMETER EXPRESS has a strict policy of guarding client privacy. We do not use tracking cookies on our web site. We do not share, sell, or release any information about you or your company with any external company or person. If you have any questions regarding this web site, please contact us either by phone or e-mail.

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Business location: Cedar, MN
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