VoiceTek 200 Talking 2D Pedometer (TT-200A, TT-200B, TT-200C)


The VoiceTek speaks your progress as you walk: steps, distance, calories and more!

If you like to be kept informed of the progress you’re making as you walk but don’t want to be continuously stopping to check the display, the VoiceTek Talking Pedometer is a great way to keep you moving!

Unique false movement sensor is designed to calculate calories burned and distance walked while ignoring false step movements. The VOICETEK has an automatic voice mode which will announce your progress in real time. The voice will let you know every 1000 steps you take, every 1/2 mile you walk, every 50 calories you burn, and announces the time every 10 minutes. The pleasant female voice is loud enough to hear, but not too loud to be annoying to others.

And with the press of a button you can turn the voice off and simply check your progress at any time on the large digital screen. All 3 designs are worn on the hip.


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• Counts steps, distance, calories and keeps track of total time walked

• Counts to 99,999 steps, 99,999 calories, 99 hours, 199.99 miles or 199.99 kilometers

• TALK button for optional voice announcement of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, total time walked or jogged, and the current time. (“It’s 4:10pm”)

• Audio voice also helps guide guides you through the steps of setting up your pedometer

• Convenient alarm option #TT-200A and #TT-200B

• Custom stride and weight input settings

• Spring style paddle clip #TT-200A, Wire clip #TT-200B and TT-200C

• Includes 2 AG-13 1.5v batteries

• Individually boxed with instructions


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