3D Pedometer Lanyards


20″ lanyard keeps pedometer around the neck for easy access and maximum accuracy.

3D G Sensor pedometers work well in a pocket or purse, but for maximum accuracy manufacturers recommend wearing near the core of the body. Our white 100% polyester NECK LANYARD is 20″ long overall and is designed to work with most 3D G-sensor pedometers. Assures pedometer is visible and easily accessible. Convenient for walkers with range of motion limitations.

Quick release detachable clip allows easy removal of pedometer from the lanyard if walker prefers to wear it in the pocket. Not for use with standard pedometers. Pedometer not included.

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20″ white silky nylon lanyard with detachable O-ring to attach to some models of the 3D G Sensor pedometer activity tracker.

NOTE: We do not recommend use of this lanyard for young children or conditions where loose objects could become entangled in machinery or other moving objects.


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