Freetek Dual Pedometer 2D GET FIT KIT for 6

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Multiple features in a low cost pedometer 

The FREETEK DUAL FT-20 Dual Button multifunction pedometer automatically senses and adjusts between walking and jogging and adds one third to the number of calories burned and distance walked. Counts steps, calories burned, and distance. Also has a built-in clock. Solid molded one piece belt clip style. Good economical choice for a promotional pedometer to encourage groups to walk. Not recommended for walking programs where people will be frequently sitting and standing.  Low battery power consumption. Safety leash helps keep pedometer from falling off and breaking or becoming lost. Includes fresh batteries. Red or blue case color.

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• 6 FREETEK BASIC pedometers
Click here to read more about the FREETEK pedometer

• 6 safety leashes
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• 6 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

• Free shipping


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