FitTek 3D Activity Tracker (FK-30OB)


Track your daily activities and see the results with orange.

The FitTek Orange Activity Tracker measures everything you need to monitor your physical activity. From the number of steps you take to the distance you walk and the calories you’ve burned, the FitTek Orange tracks it all. Plus, the FitTek Orange keeps track of your sleep quality. It also has a silent vibrating alarm call reminder alarm, appointment alarm, and a message reminder. Plus, all sorts of online extras are accessible.

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• Counts steps walked, distance travelled, and calories burned

• 3D G-sensor electronics

• Built-in clock with date and time

• Sleep quality monitor

• Power saver function with low power indicator

• Adjustable silicone wrist bracelet

• Recharges in about a half hour with included USB cable

• Online app with customization features and options

• Individually boxed with instructions

• Compatibility: Windows PC Vista 7+, iPhone 4 and later, iPod Touch 5, iPad3 and later, ios6.0 and above, Android 4.2 and above, Bluetooth v. 4.0. Software downloadable from Apple Store and Android Market.


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