FitTek Glow 3D Activity Tracker Bracelet (BAT-GLO)

Unique wrist activity tracker glows as you go and recharges by USB!

The FitTek Glow is the most unique step counter we’ve ever seen. If you find regular pedometers boring, you’ll LOVE the FitTek GLOW! It looks like a silicone wrist band that lights up, because it’s made of blue silicone, and inside are LED lights that light up, two numbers per row. Great for low light or no light conditions. Hidden buttons give it a sleek contemporary look

And, it also measures the current air temperature wherever you are. You’ve never seen anything like it! And better yet, it never needs batteries. When it needs a recharge, just plug the end of the bracelet into any USB port. Recharge and you’re ready to go. The USB also links to an app where you can fine tune your results with lots of options (PC only). Note: The unique settings give this model more of a learning curve than most pedometer models. But it’s way cool once you figure it out!

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FitTek Diggro 3D Activity Tracker Bracelet (BAT-BB)

The Touch Sensitive OLED Screen And The Latest In Activity Tracker Technology.

The FitTek Diggro is a full feature Activity Tracker, keeping track of steps walked, distance travelled, and calories burned. 3D G-sensor electronics for accurate measurements. Additional features include a camera remote and sleep quality monitor. Easy to recharge with included USB cable.

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JS-Tek 3 in 1 – 3D Activity Tracker (JS-1303)

Latest 3D sensor technology works on the wrist, on a clip or in any pocket for more flexibility

The JS-Tek 3D 3–in-1 WIRELESS ACTIVITY TRACKER keeps track of daily activity and can be worn 3 different ways for more flexibility with users; on the stylish silicone wristband, as a clip-on, or in a pocket. Automatically syncs with compatible Bluetooth devices. Statistics are updated and uploaded wirelessly in real time to your desktop, smart phone, or iPad. (See compatibility requirements below.)

Latest BLE 3D (Bluetooth low energy 4.0) Activity Tracker with touch sensitive organic display (OLED) lets users check progress with a tap of the finger. 30 day memory keeps track of steps, distance, calories burned, total activity time, current time, and date. Measures walking as well as running. A progress bar displays what percent of the day’s goal has been achieved to continuously motivate user.

At night, the SLEEP MODE monitors sleep, including the number of hours slept, sleep and wake up time, and quality of sleep. Includes a vibrating silent wake alarm. The alarm can also be used to remind walkers after a set period of inactivity.

High sensitivity Bosch acceleration 3D sensor works on wrist, in pocket or purse. Battery level indicator shows when a recharge is needed. USB rechargeable lithium battery lasts appx. 7 days between charges. Just plug it in to your keyboard or other USB port. Includes activity tracker, waterproof silicone bracelet, waterproof silicone waist clip and USB cable.

Compatibility requirements: Mac 0SX 10.5 and newer, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and newer. Syncs with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad, Samsung S3 and newer, Blutetooth 4.0 and newer devices. Free software download available on iTunes and other sources.

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